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    • 7-2-2016 / TeamSpeak 3 Statistics!

      Hello everyone!

      OsoNexus has been upgraded! We now have user- and serverstatistics for our TeamSpeak 3 Server.
      If you want some info about your own profile, just login to our TeamSpeak Server (TS.OsoNexus.com) and go to http://www.Stats.OsoNexus.com/teamspeak OR click on "TeamSpeak 3 Statistics" on our website menu.
      This way your TeamSpeak profile will be detected and you will be able to look at your own statistics at "My Statistics" on the Statistics site!

      WARNING: The ways of accessing the TS3 stats could change! If that happens, there will be an update about it on the OsoNexus Website.

    • 22-11-2016 / MineCraft FTB Server Open!

      Hello everyone!

      Good news, we have a FTB Infinity Server from now on.
      This server will hold on as long as needed. The FTB Server is not going to be a default part of our Community.

      Info about the Server:
      IP: OsoNexus.com:26001
      Modpack: Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved
      Launcher: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/

      Started Server Date: 22-11-2016

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    • 17-7-2016 / Vacation!

      I'm on vacation in Germany for 2 weeks. So the other staff will be the only ones that will be able to help with any problem.

      When I'm back I will work on the servers for full-time. The MC Server is 50% ready and I hope that I will be able to put it online when the vacation (in The Netherlands) ends.

      I will still try to reply to emails that are send to mail@osonexus.com, but do not expect a quick respone! My vacation home is in the middle of some mountains so my internet isn't the best (1mbps max).



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    • 4-7-2016 / We got a TeamSpeak License!!!

      Hello guys!

      Good news! TeamSpeak finally gave us a NPL License!!!!!
      What does that mean? With the NPL License we will be able to have a much bigger TeamSpeak Server!

      Your TeamSpeak 3 Non-Profit License has now been issued.


      I will import the License in a couple days!

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    • 8-6-2016 / I think the problem has been solved!

      Today a ISP Worker came to the place where the servers are. He's been fixing the cables, and i think he's done a good job!

      If everything goed right, we should not get any downtime soon or a IP-Change! But nothing is granted ofcource.
      Also, if something happens, i have been installing some software that could help me manage all the servers through my phone!

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