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Where is the radio gone

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So yeah. Something really big happend..

I came home at 16:00 to check on the Musicbot because i heard it was offline.
But when i logged into my server some strange things happend.

The musicbot was hacked by another TS3 community. And we were not the only victim, but  hundreds of other bots too.

Sinusbot Hacked.PNG


The only thing i could to is shutdown the Bot, but now i can't even login to the adminpage because they changed the damn password!

After i joined the TS3 server of the hackers with my own client i spoke to some other victims. And we all got banned after that.
I'am working on a solution, but no idea how long it can take!

Sinusbot Hacked 2.PNG

Sinusbot Hacked 3.PNG


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Problem has been solved. And the bug has been reported to the maker of the MusicBot.

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