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  1. 26-7-2017 / Downtime and Updates!

    Hello everyone! Maybe you have noticed that all the webservers/websites were OFFLINE. This was because of a hacker that tried to break into our system, but instead of that, he bricked the WHOLE SERVER CLUSTER. But luckily, I make backups of everything. And that saved me this time. TS3 UPDATE: * @StouteBeerAdded a lot of music to the default TeamSpeak Server Radio! * The TS3 License has been reset, so we have requested a new one, so the maximum users will be 32 for the upcomming days (but I don't think that it is a problem)
  2. TeamSpeak 3 - Changelog 1

    4-3-2017 - Added Staff members to the TS3 Ranking List on the TS3 Stats page. - Edited the Server News message on the TS3 Stats Page 12-2-2017 - Removed the strange query client which seems to send all the connected people on TS3 this message: "Server": Monitor your TS3 server or game server, custom your banner and more stats : http://ranksr.com - Updated the TS3 Server to the latest version - Cleaned up the Database of the TS3 Statistics
  3. 7-2-2016 / TeamSpeak 3 Statistics!

    Hello everyone! OsoNexus has been upgraded! We now have user- and serverstatistics for our TeamSpeak 3 Server. If you want some info about your own profile, just login to our TeamSpeak Server (TS.OsoNexus.com) and go to http://www.Stats.OsoNexus.com/teamspeakOR click on "TeamSpeak 3 Statistics" on our website menu. This way your TeamSpeak profile will be detected and you will be able to look at your own statistics at "My Statistics" on the Statistics site! WARNING: The ways of accessing the TS3 stats could change! If that happens, there will be an update about it on the OsoNexus Website.
  4. 22-11-2016 / MineCraft FTB Server Open!

    Hello everyone! Good news, we have a FTB Infinity Server from now on. This server will hold on as long as needed. The FTB Server is not going to be a default part of our Community. Info about the Server: IP: OsoNexus.com:26001 Modpack: Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Launcher:https://www.feed-the-beast.com/ Started Server Date: 22-11-2016
  5. IP: OsoNexus.com:26001 Modpack: Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Launcher:https://www.feed-the-beast.com/ Started Server Date: 22-11-2016
  6. 17-7-2016 / Vacation!

    I'm on vacation in Germany for 2 weeks. So the other staff will be the only ones that will be able to help with any problem. When I'm back I will work on the servers for full-time. The MC Server is 50% ready and I hope that I will be able to put it online when the vacation (in The Netherlands) ends. I will still try to reply to emails that are send to mail@osonexus.com, but do not expect a quick respone! My vacation home is in the middle of some mountains so my internet isn't the best (1mbps max).
  7. 4-7-2016 / We got a TeamSpeak License!!!

    Hello guys! Good news! TeamSpeak finally gave us a NPL License!!!!! What does that mean? With the NPL License we will be able to have a much bigger TeamSpeak Server! Conngratulations! Your TeamSpeak 3 Non-Profit License has now been issued. I will import the License in a couple days!
  8. Where is the radio gone

    Problem has been solved. And the bug has been reported to the maker of the MusicBot.
  9. Where is the radio gone

    So yeah. Something really big happend.. I came home at 16:00 to check on the Musicbot because i heard it was offline. But when i logged into my server some strange things happend. The musicbot was hacked by another TS3 community. And we were not the only victim, but hundredsof other bots too. The only thing i could to is shutdown the Bot, but now i can't even login to the adminpage because they changed the damn password! After i joined the TS3 server of the hackers with my own client i spoke to some other victims. And we all got banned after that. I'am working on a solution, but no idea how long it can take!
  10. OsoCat

    Welcome back good ´ol friend! Could you send me your Unique TS ID in a private message on this site. Then i will be able to give you a new OSO tag! Tutorial for finding your TS ID: 1. Open TS3 2. Click Settings 3. Click Identities 4. Select theidentityyou are using on our server. 5. Copy your Unique ID and send it to me! And yes, we're indeed working on a MC Server project! But it will take some time to finish it!
  11. DJ

    I will look into this. But i'am not sure if it's possible because the "DJ" rank is at the moment a TS Server Rank. Keep an eye on the Changelog subforum (http://osonexus.com/forums/forum/3-changelog/) for the latest updates!
  12. Today a ISP Worker came to the place where the servers are. He's been fixing the cables, and i think he's done a good job! If everything goed right, we should not get any downtime soon or a IP-Change! But nothing is granted ofcource. Also, if something happens, i have been installing some software that could help me manage all the servers through my phone!
  13. 07-6-2016 ESL Overwatch

    More info about the Tournament can be found here: Tournament:http://play.eslgaming.com/overwatch/europe/overwatch/major/go4overwatch-europe/cup-1/ OsoNexus Profile:http://play.eslgaming.com/overwatch/europe/overwatch/major/go4overwatch-europe/cup-1/team/10155789/
  14. 07-6-2016 ESL Overwatch

    Who's in the team?
  15. We've had a big problem today at 15:00(Netherlands Time). Our IP has changed, this all happened because of our internet provider. Thismade more strange changes in the server system than i expected. And i'm not even sure if i will be able to find everything i have to fix. It could take up a couple days until i fixed all of this, but most of our services will still be running 24/7 (Website and TeamSpeak Server). I will post updates here if anything goes wrong! Or when i fixed everything! EDIT 16:18PM:I've asked our internet provider for a static IP. This is possible with a business-subscription!We signed a new contract and we will get a better internet connection and static IP!! Only problem is that this will cost €45 more a month...