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  1. TeamSpeak 3 - Changelog 1

    4-3-2017 - Added Staff members to the TS3 Ranking List on the TS3 Stats page. - Edited the Server News message on the TS3 Stats Page 12-2-2017 - Removed the strange query client which seems to send all the connected people on TS3 this message: "Server": Monitor your TS3 server or game server, custom your banner and more stats : http://ranksr.com - Updated the TS3 Server to the latest version - Cleaned up the Database of the TS3 Statistics
  2. 7-2-2016 / TeamSpeak 3 Statistics!

    Hello everyone! OsoNexus has been upgraded! We now have user- and serverstatistics for our TeamSpeak 3 Server. If you want some info about your own profile, just login to our TeamSpeak Server (TS.OsoNexus.com) and go to http://www.Stats.OsoNexus.com/teamspeakOR click on "TeamSpeak 3 Statistics" on our website menu. This way your TeamSpeak profile will be detected and you will be able to look at your own statistics at "My Statistics" on the Statistics site! WARNING: The ways of accessing the TS3 stats could change! If that happens, there will be an update about it on the OsoNexus Website.