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  1. 26-7-2017 / Downtime and Updates!

    Hello everyone! Maybe you have noticed that all the webservers/websites were OFFLINE. This was because of a hacker that tried to break into our system, but instead of that, he bricked the WHOLE SERVER CLUSTER. But luckily, I make backups of everything. And that saved me this time. TS3 UPDATE: * @StouteBeerAdded a lot of music to the default TeamSpeak Server Radio! * The TS3 License has been reset, so we have requested a new one, so the maximum users will be 32 for the upcomming days (but I don't think that it is a problem)
  2. 7-2-2016 / TeamSpeak 3 Statistics!

    Hello everyone! OsoNexus has been upgraded! We now have user- and serverstatistics for our TeamSpeak 3 Server. If you want some info about your own profile, just login to our TeamSpeak Server (TS.OsoNexus.com) and go to http://www.Stats.OsoNexus.com/teamspeakOR click on "TeamSpeak 3 Statistics" on our website menu. This way your TeamSpeak profile will be detected and you will be able to look at your own statistics at "My Statistics" on the Statistics site! WARNING: The ways of accessing the TS3 stats could change! If that happens, there will be an update about it on the OsoNexus Website.
  3. Today a ISP Worker came to the place where the servers are. He's been fixing the cables, and i think he's done a good job! If everything goed right, we should not get any downtime soon or a IP-Change! But nothing is granted ofcource. Also, if something happens, i have been installing some software that could help me manage all the servers through my phone!